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Reply To: Metamorphosis: Dreaming the New Songs,” with MythBlast author Kristina Dryža”


Thank you for your message Robert and the back stories.

A delight as U2 are one of my favourite bands. Often when I am struggling with a project they are my ‘go to’ for inspired background music.

A few of my favourite songs from them are ‘Original of the Species,’ ‘Window in the Skies’ and ‘Ultraviolet (Light My Way)’ – and I especially love The Killers cover of this song. And if it’s a particularly tough project, I play the ‘Ăhk-to͝ong Ba͞y-bi’ covers loud and on repeat.

And these two quotes from Bono really speak to me. “The problem with rock now is that it’s trying to be cool. But clear thoughts and big melodies – if they come from a true place, they not only capture the instant, they become eternal in a way.” And about the making of the song ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’ where Bono said it’s unfinished and that there are things he would change about the song’s lyrics. “The frontman of the Irish band revealed what producer Brian Eno told him to reassure him about the lyrics. Brian said, ‘Incomplete thoughts are generous because they allow the listener to finish them,’ Bono revealed. As a songwriter I have to realise that the greatest invitation is an invocation.”

Very best, Kristina.