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Reply To: Welcome back; time to start a new chapter of: Odd Topics


I imagine you are one of the younger people on the forum, Alexander (at least at this early stage). I suspect though it’s not just you struggling with the need for social distancing and staying at home – in fact, since your comment, seems that attitude has caught fire in many places across the country (perhaps to our detriment).

I know I’ve had trouble focusing the last two months – haven’t been able to do much non-work related reading of late (finally started The Bird King, by G, Willow Smith – a devout Muslim who writes for Marvel, her first novel, Alif the Unseen, looked at the Arab Spring movement through the lens of magical realism – definitely comfortable with myth). I finally feel as if I might be finding a decent rhythm to life, but am still feeling unsettled.

Where is your training center (what country or state)? Are you still feeling adrift and at loose ends? Feels like we’re all caught in a vortex – a powerful mythogenetic moment. No telling what will emerge from here.