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Reply To: Welcome back; time to start a new chapter of: Odd Topics


    Hello all; it’s so nice to see this thread starting to get active a bit; my apologies for not being very present lately as my lower back has been giving me some hoops to jump through; (sleep a few hours, awake a few hours); has become the norm because of the lockdown where I live; which is finally starting to lift somewhat.

    Stephen, Nandu; it’s so good to be back posting here again; (just like old times “except” unfortunately these are very different circumstances; yes?). I was hoping this thread would evolve in a similar way to the old one; but whatever direction it takes is certainly fine with me. Mary; it’s great to have your lovely voice here; and yes; I too feel the heartache for what so many must be going through; yet at the same time grateful for my little confined corner of the world.

    Alexander; welcome to the forums; you are among friends; please don’t feel your voice is any less relevant just because you are new. (When I first joined back many moons ago a few kind hearted souls took me under their wing and made me feel I had something to say and should not hold back).

    The point you and Stephen make resonates “strongly” I think with many of us. How can anyone feel comfortable about being terrified of this virus when so many people are dying. How can one move forward when all around there is fear and apprehension. Yes; I hear you about feeling confined and constrained; it drives me nuts; but restraint and wise judgement has to be the order of the day; (at least for now anyway).

    Stephen, Nandu, and Mary make a good point which you seem to agree with about utilizing our resources at hand. We research and plan and use our technology; like the internet; we get creative in the way we choose what we focus on; for like Stephen mentioned: ” Feels like we’re all caught in a vortex – a powerful mythogenetic moment. No telling what will emerge from here.”

    I say this because I too think we are approaching a pivotal moment in human history. Maybe not because this particular virus will push us there; but because a variety of causes and circumstances will force us to change. Climate Change and Global Warming are not mere fairly tales; and there are a host of other factors such as: air pollution and lack of clean drinking water and the breakdown of the world’s ability to feed itself moving in that direction as well. (This moment is a wakeup call in my opinion.) And if one thinks virus pandemics are a passing event; this might not be a wise future outlook to pursue.

    From my humble perspective I will offer this though; and it’s that Joseph’s themes have offered me the most hope going forward!

    The Facebook JCF Salon will be closing down in the next few days so hopefully traffic will start to pickup on these new forums. Glad to see you folks here and will look forward to everyone stopping by for a visit, a chat, or wherever things take us. Cheers