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Reply To: Welcome back; time to start a new chapter of: Odd Topics


    Mary; I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to address your thoughtful comment. I think you have summed up what many of us are experiencing on a day to day basis by having to consider how not only that life as we knew it has changed; but that we are challenged to think about all of this in a new way. Yes; “gratitude”; as you point out; is a big deal. And being aware that what others maybe experiencing may not be the same as us changes our perspective. Just considering what our front line critical care workers are having to go through presents a staggering emotional thing to comprehend; and then there are others like the elderly or shut in; much less those who have lost everything due to; (whatever calamity); that may have befallen them because of this pandemic only adds increased emphasis on this idea.

    I think for me personally; it is the idea of loss of control of my ability to move about like I’m use to. But with these changes; as you point out; we are challenged to go deeper into the depths of our inner life to realize what the important things in our life really are. Not just the day to day activities that make up our goings and comings that make us feel like we are accomplishing something; but to be able to identify and appreciate; (as you point out); the things that give us meaning. The things that not only enrich our lives but give it the kind of value where we appreciate; as Joseph pointed out; the experience of being alive.

    I thought the approach you voiced in your comment complimented this idea extremely well!