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Reply To: Welcome back; time to start a new chapter of: Odd Topics


    Nandu; I must apologize for taking so long in telling you it’s good to be back with you again here in our old familiar surroundings. We had many good discussions back then; and covered all kinds of topical material. I remember you telling me you had been working on your writing and from what I had gathered awhile back it seemed like you had done quite well with some of the things you were trying to accomplish and are still moving forward with that; (yes?). Weren’t you were working on a translation of something; is that correct? And I also recollect you had a: “Good Reads” book discussion group going; is that still happening?

    Having your own library is a wonderful refuge to have considering all the chaos going on with this virus pandemic; I hope it’s not too bad where you are. We’ve been on lockdown for about 2 months now and are just starting to ease into our re-entry phase; although I must admit I’m quite apprehensive about this considering all the conservative bravado being promoted concerning ignoring social distancing and not wearing facemasks. (This to me is shear insanity!) So I’m a bit nervous about all this. (That’s as far into politics as I’m going right now; I remain hopeful; but not stupid!)

    The changeover to this new format should happen anytime now. Hope you are well my friend; it’s good to be back.

    (I’ve altered this post a bit since I’m trying to remember politics does not always play well with some of these entries and I need to stay within the forum guidelines.)