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Reply To: Some humor to lighten up the place a little



With many apologies to “Jimmy the Joyous,” for this awkwardly rhymed and shaped “borrow!” And with all intended respect to “Wry Mouth.”

“Penning Around Like Waking Up Finn”

“Wry Mouth,” writ, wrote, rit to treescend wordsback time storied forthward mono-mythightily and Jestory-storily…

co-elective ( ladders not with Overstanding railing against the rung walls) in the wide world of bell leafs  jour-knees befall to all individuall-elates. the blissfull bite and kiss fallowed with the berried sea-ds of rapturity and a ware of the land ness, with its greet mask of tomes  which are watched by mr and mrs hE-ro, who face them 1000 times daily, and de-vine their in-fine-i-tude,

meter-folklorically, speak-easing.

but bewoof, beweave, be wary of mr con crete, who jest will never get it. or make syn critic the cretic. lady go dess wants her say. in the realm, ream, rhyme of play.

and so we uni-ver-sail-lee sail as one as the sy key-gulls cry in joyce over the wakes we have awoken in their deeper waters. we all have our parcivals to play.

and for my parcival (th) i am grailful!