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Reply To: The music page of our new version of CoaHo


    Thanks Mary and Stephen; what great wonderfully relative pieces to today’s need for uplifting everyone’s spirits! “Get Together” was definitely the: “Clarion Call” of the (Peace and Love Movement; remember: “Woodstock?”) of the 1960’s. And this stirring collaboration of: “Playing for Change” is an inspiring example for the Boomers “passing of the torch” to the next generation to pick it up and carry it on.

    In times like this when the Pandemic speaks of darkness, hurt, doubt, and sorrow we need these songs of hope and transcendence to help inspire us to keep our spirits up and help one another so we can move forward! Well done indeed!

    (Al; sorry I missed you before. I’ll look forward to hearing more of your insights like what we shared back on the old forums.)