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Reply To: The music page of our new version of CoaHo


I switched this out from my earlier entry because this is not a documentary page; (sorry about that). Mary; I love Joni Mitchell; especially her album called: “Mingus”; which I thought was a true breakthrough collaboration for the time. The musicians were some of the top jazz players of the day; and Charles Mingus was one of the great jazz composers of his time. It should be noted she contributed some of the lyrics to the below: “Pork Pie Hat”; as he personally chose her to work on what was to be his last project and died shortly after it was released in 1979. Initially; Joni’s regular fans were not entirely pleased with this work since this was not the folk style artist they were use to; but she was absolutely fearless in whatever she did; and this work was proof. This was not one of her more well known popular marketed projects; and the material was technically extremely challenging; but she was definitely up to the task. (This particular live version of one of the songs was about the great jazz sax player Lester Young.)