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Reply To: The music page of our new version of CoaHo


    The revelation was in the summer of 1988, as a young man of 25 curious how the original would sound compared with the synthersized reproduction on the radio. Daphnis at Chloé, by Maurice Ravel, just after the Nocturne (, Interlude) and Danse Guerrière: Lever du Jour. Not only the opening of the day, the resurrection of life out sleep and slumber, but rebirth of the conciousness. A few weeks later, with this music in my head replaying over and over, I invited a lovely young lady to witness sundawn on the edge of the world. She asked me to conquer the world with her, but the echos of this grieving memory are like the thunder from ocean clouds afar, stirring the fallen leaves wherever I walk. Yet, when replaying, I wander through time, invisible dancing.

    Edit: the very spot is some 50 meters behind my avatar.