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Reply To: The music page of our new version of CoaHo


    Yes Mary; I love Autumn because it asks that you stop for a moment to appreciate the magic you are immersed in. The piece above was recorded live in a club in Washington DC by “Eva Cassidy” in 1996 who died of cancer shortly after never knowing she would become a phenomena on the internet. Over the years her album became the top seller on Amazon with reviewers calling her a voice of the age. “Over the Rainbow” is probably her most popular with over 17 million likes and still counting. That above piece had 10 million before the London Symphony overdubbed their arrangement; plus those stunning visuals were added as well. Her fan base and work continues on with her parents managing her copyrights. There is an amazing backstory all about this on Wikipedia.

    I’m now going to add a different song about Autumn from another artist you might be familiar with; Sarah Vaughn; but the song itself has become a jazz standard with recordings by multiple artists. It always puts me in that same reflective state of mind: