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Reply To: Multi-Cultural Cinderella Tales: Equals, but not the Same””



For me The Cinderella trope springs to life when I associate it with , the from the Cinders ashes Phoenix motif along with fires of creation and destruction funeral pyre motif the ashened White grey corpse also the Divine Black feminine comes into play for me . All tentative but lots of fun to play with these allusion. From burnt destroyed vegetation new life buds. The growth of the kingdom depends on the union of the opposites. The Princess 0f darkness (Persephone) united with the Prince of Light.
They All lived happily ever after and all the people said Amen …

Always good to remember from ashes we arise and to ashes we return …
All we are is Dust in the Wind …
We all travel through life in a six sided coach created from the Harvest a changing sphere of consciousness … our temporal vessel shall Lose its magic return to its inanimate state of being When done.