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Reply To: Myths Everyone Should Know?


I add some properly Latin American myths and mythological characters, whose importance commonly extends beyond the borders of a single country. Unpretentious to be exhaustive, only as a first approach.

✔️ Pachamama (myth of the indigenous peoples of the Andes mountains)
✔️ The myth of the original Selk’nam matriarchy (Tierra del Fuego)
✔️  The civilizing hero Bochica (Muisca Civilization)
✔️  The myth of Viracocha (Inca Empire)
✔️  The Popol Vuh (as Stephen said)
✔️  The solar God Huitzilopochtli (Mexica Culture)
✔️  The Tupi Guarani myth of the “Land without Evil”

Its importance is capital, since each of them expresses a particular worldview, ranging from the relationship with the earth to human relationships and the link with transcendence.

We will follow soon  👍