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Reply To: The Returning Warrior


    Re: ” Thoughts? Suggestions? Recommendations for further study?”

    Stephen; here are two DVD suggestions; both endorsed by the Foundation that I believe will fit this bill perfectly.

    One is the award winning project by Steven and Whitney Boe; called: “Mythic Journeys”; done in 2009; and the other is Patrick Soloman’s: “Finding Joe”. These films explore myth deeply and introduce many of Joseph’s ideas into the personal applications individuals can explore into bringing the realization of one’s personal myth into realization in everyday live. “Bliss” is not just a word describing rapture; but the utilization of a life path of transformation into who one is meant to become in both of these highly engaging features. They will pull the listener in and keep them thinking about how these themes affect their life in a multitude of ways; complete with appearances by such recognizable figures as: JCF Board President – Robert Walter; Deepak Chopra, Michael Meade, among many others. (They both are available for purchase on Amazon.)