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Reply To: The Returning Warrior


Incredible multifaceted response Stephen; thank you for these insights. The “Feather” has been in and out of some of my dreams the last couple of weeks because I have been reading and posting so much on Joseph’s and Jungian material related to some of these themes. I don’t have nearly the background in dream related subjects as you do of course; (you have often been kind enough to shared your thoughts and observations on your journaling over the years); but I do scribble down a few impressions of mine at night when they wake me; (which the Feather has done recently); so I know there is something happening internally which I do need to stay on top of; hence one of the main reasons for the choice of this post.

Key symbols that keep recurring seem to be lynchpins of interrelated dynamics at play within the psyche so I realize archetypal content has been at work. And I know Jung tells us whether asleep or awake we are constantly evolving and these elements are shaping our feelings, thoughts, and different relationships of these various components to each other; (ego, shadow, anima/animus, persona and the larger self-archetype); whether deep in the unconscious when we sleep or within our conscious waking awareness. So I’m trying to become as aware as possible of the presence of some of this inter-play whenever I can; so the reason for this topic seemed appropriate at this moment.

Every few days or so I review some of these impressions I’ve scribbled down along with other thoughts I’ve recorded throughout the days and weeks to get an insight of what’s at work as I go along and it seems to be producing very positive results. And although the blind-spot of our ego-consciousness can sometimes trip us up; the virus pandemic we are dealing with right now for me demands this effort. There is a negative aspect; one becomes more aware of the dark side of things; but the positive side far out-weighs whatever darkness one encounters because not only does one realize how precious each moment of life is; growth and forward movement usually result from whatever efforts are put forth.

What’s amazing to me about these ancient cultural insights is the power and intelligence they reveal in dealing with these timeless human issues; and it seems to me we are at the brink of a great Renaissance of human understanding if we can just come to grips with our modern dark-side. (Notice I said come to grips; not fix it; you don’t fix this because it’s an important component of being human; but you can definitely become aware and integrate some it because that’s part of what Jung is saying.) I’ve lived through some of this human ignorance related to mental illness; and I cannot believe mankind is doomed to live forever dictated by it’s pain and darkness. Joseph and Jung and countless others keep moving us forward; this work is proof of that.

Your helpful insights are always a welcome port in the storm to hear; and I’ll certainly look forward to more of them as we go along. Thanks for sharing them Stephen.