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Reply To: The Returning Warrior


Just a follow-up to this earlier post from James:

Stephen; here are two DVD suggestions; both endorsed by the Foundation that I believe will fit this bill perfectly.

One is the award winning project by Steven and Whitney Boe; called: “Mythic Journeys”; done in 2009; and the other is Patrick Soloman’s: “Finding Joe”. These films explore myth deeply and introduce many of Joseph’s ideas into the personal applications individuals can explore into bringing the realization of one’s personal myth into realization in everyday live.

Alas, the overly muscular security app we were using at the time did not allow James to post the links, so I’m re-posting then here: you can learn more about Mythic Journeys and/or purchase it here.

Click on the title to view Finding Joe for free on YouTube: removing the pay wall is writer/director Patrick Takaya Solomon’s response to the pandemic, making it available and accessible to all . You can learn more about the process of filming “Finding Joe” in this dedicated conversation with Patrick in the Mythological Resources forum here in Conversations of a Higher Order.