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Reply To: Commitment is a word with branches


Hi Stephen!!!

In 1872, Thomas Hardy, Under the Greenwood Tree. ch. 8: There were, besides, some little pleasures in the shape of helping her to vegetable she didn’t want, and when it had nearly alighted on her plate taking it across for his own use, on the plea of waste not, want not.

No one want to enter into dialogue, or deal with what must be done to reach the higher Consciosness in themselves, from my point of view.  All people want to do is copy and paste Joel Goldsmith, Joseph Campbell, and other mystics, when the message is always “Practice The Presence” of God so to be in a stage where to receive revelations to “feed my sheep.”  This is one reason why I have not been posting,  There is no time to waste when there is no ‘meat’ set out to digest and encourage the growth or development of  the Soul.  This is not saying you and other member of JCF are lacking in your uplifting work, and please do not look at my words in this context.  I just like to get into the Spirit of Campbell more so than just the literal, and others, also my POV, don’t want to go there.

Having said this, my path has been that of reading Joel Goldsmith and other of this ilk, and this tells you Campbell is, in the deeper sense, in this category.  Campbell found me, and I found him in the walkway of my journey.  It was inevitable.

Hope I have answered you sufficiently!!!