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Reply To: Commitment is a word with branches


    Stephen, it is impossible to express that which keeps one in the middle when the middle is seen by most as that which is between two points and unparallelled.  The left hand path, as the right hand path is a long, lonely trek.  They takes one beyond metaphysics to the mystical landscape’s altar which few man kneel before.  For the rebel, the maverick, The Middle Way is the only way that connected them to that which they were seeking, the Spirit of infinite potential. Isa.4.4 speaks of it as the cleansing Spirit of Burning.  The Rebel, the Maverick, Joseph Campbell had to go away.  These individuals had to go away from human traditions, myth, symbols, superstitions, the god of this world, and let God within them fire them with Its  Presence.  And unless they are willing to go away, they realized they would continue to go somewhere in their human mind looking for something that is not there. Everything that is happening is happening to try to get each Soul to discover and experience the greatest discovery ever, and that is [say your name].

    Stephen, to me religion, science, politics, psychology and those who make first impressions in our conscious, as we emerged and grew from the womb of birth, have shaped our characters in some ways we understand, and other ways we don’t. Humanly we are all product of conformed cultivation, or rebels bent upon commitment either to reject or accept submissiveness to cultural indoctrination of our mind. Yet, in some ways we cannot help but accept things from our childhood which we apply in this present day because they bear witness to our beliefs, idealism, and comprise our intellect, spiritual and athesis living.

    The point? The greatest lie concerning human living is believing the collective sum of plurality objectively makes up conformity. That individual man is not the foundation of the singularity of pluralities collective determinism subjectified, whose existence is based on self-survival. Self-survival. Everything an individual does, and actions taken, have come from someone’s singularity of thinking to reach beyond those pioneers who suffered and struggled to do what the conformist said could not be done. Individual personalization of action and supposed free-thinking of anything, is a personalization which originally belonged to the original thinker and producer of that which we now accept, believe upon, and live within the framework of, and claim to be our creative independence.

    We are not here to lag -Waste not. want not- and wallow in what others have done.  God is no part time God, neither are his servants.  One must be loyal to commitment.  We are pioneers. We are God’s pioneers.  We are Life’s pioneeds. We are to expand on the thoughts of other and apply them as a star of contemporary lighthouses for those lost in the sea of darkness will find their realistic hope and faith to, atleast, begin the trek up to the mountain top.