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Reply To: A Myth for Engineering


The mythic element of ancient monuments were their connection to the Story.

An arena for ritual representation  of the  myth,

and an abode, a sacred space – to invoke the Mythic beings.

the Mayan temples ,the Pyramids, the Ziggurat, the Konark ,the Jagannath Angkor Wat…. All represented the threshold of material existence and a stepping stone to what happens after.

A kind of launchpad of transcendence.

And what we see now for eg. the Eiffel tower are showcases of Mans hubris. Our edifices now tell the story of  a precocious kid raucously declaring his insusceptibility to the flow of time. Man has become the God and his worshippers. And he wants everything to submit to his will.

From the Indian perspective: The conflict of forces turning the Cosmic engine  The symbols of creation -sustenance- and destruction , and the depiction of the Garbha griha ( the sacrosanctum literally the Womb house) concept in Hindu temples is worth exploring.