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Reply To: A Myth for Engineering


Sorry for the weird format. Still learnin how to do this on mobile phone.

Yes the doors are open on designated intervals usually after the deity is all decked up and between meals and a siesta. This is accompanied by temple rituals like pooja or worship that the public can witness.

At a distance. Its a very powerful experience  the sights the sounds the fragrance and the audible  yearning of the faithful to get as close in prqyers as well as physically.

Moving on to another Religiouss tradition .

Is the Abrhams religion and how he built the house of God in Mecca

The Kaaba.

This will be of immense interest tonthe architect or anyone exploring the  geometric mysteries.

That Kaaba literally means Cube in Arabic.

And the ancient obssession of circlinbthe square is ritually enacted dduring Hajj. When the faithful circumambulate the Cube.