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Reply To: On Bliss


I was a spec ed teacher for 23 of my 32 years. I would have jumped right into English, but all those positions were filled by my older Boomer colleagues. Spec Ed was a wide open field, and I did have experience working with special needs kids during my camp counselor days. This included two weeks working with kids from the infamous Willowbrook facility at a sleep away camp in Harriman State Park in NYS, so I had that groove, also. But I was particularly blessed to be able to shift departments to fill a vacancy. I did one year in 7th and to years in 8th grade when my dept. chair said, “You’re stuck here. You need to move to the high school. There will be vacancies next year.” So one more guide showing me the way, which put me exactly where Mrs. Huey, my senior year English teacher, thought I should be.

Interesting how the world works sometimes.