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Reply To: A Contemporary Myth of Amaterasu in Lieu of Lugh and Campbell’s Cave””


    For what it is worth, but this sacrifical and resurrected moon, and the gracious all enlightning sun, bring-st-er of all life, does remind me of Frazers Diana cult at Nemi, a good story told but with serious lack of true proof. (Diana is the immortal goddess, her mortal priest is replacable) Yet, the idea, given Stephen’s lingual sidestep, hints maybe to a more original myth-form, cleansed from cardinal (boreal-oriental-austral-occidental) interpretations, leaping way back to times completely forgotten. Reading now copious amounts of Sumer stories, and there appears no difference in female-male powers, duties and worship. On the brink of stone and bronse, tracks invisible. I’m married with an ‘Amaterasu’, sans the ama.