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Reply To: What’s in a Name?



I always enjoy a good tangent and coincidence. Both you and Saint Stephen sacrificed to forward the work of a JC … metempsychosis asked Molly ???

l also enjoy a good backstory.

“GRATEFUL DEAD: The motif of a cycle of folk tales which begin with the hero coming upon a group of people ill-treating or refusing to bury the corpse of a man who had died without paying his debts. He gives his last penny, either to pay the man’s debts or to give him a decent burial. Within a few hours he meets with a travelling companion who aids him in some impossible task, gets him a fortune or saves his life. The story ends with the companion disclosing himself as the man whose corpse the hero had befriended.(Funk & Wagnall’s Dictionary). Can be found in the Catholic Bible book of Tobit .

The name has also been attributed to this quote, though it’s generally believed that they came across this one later:


“We now return our souls to the creator,
as we stand on the edge of eternal darkness.
Let our chant fill the void
in order that others may know.
In the land of the night
the ship of the sun
is drawn by the grateful dead.”

— Egyptian Book of the Dead“