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Reply To: The Spiritual Use of Psychedelic Drugs

Toby Johnson

In anticipation of Mark’s posting about The Spiritual Use of Psychedelic Drugs, I’d posted a story about my being given Ketamine during a demonstration of “Psychedelic Therapy” at the Mann Ranch Seminars, summer 1974.

My account is in #3516. It’s in this place in the Conversations:

My experience echoed what Mark describes above of losing the sense of ego self and realizing the deeper, larger Self that underlies all consciousness.

In writing that I mention that Campbell compared taking LSD to driving your car off a cliff to see what happens. And—synchronistically— the next day after I wrote this, Facebook popped up with a video of a car (actually a well-equipped SUV in the Australian outback) driving off a cliff/ i.e., dry waterfall, right down the vertical face, and then continuing on along the stream bed.