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Reply To: The Dog Days of Summer


    In the old Sumer, the moon is a man: Nanna. His daughter the most praised goddess Innanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

    Until she responds to the cries from (her own unknown) another self, meeting the goddess of the underworld Ereshkagil, being the mirrorring side of herself, who renders this magnificent goddess, stripped from her regalia, to a corpse, saved by unreal creations (invoked by the scraps under his fingernails of her grandfather Enki), sacrificing her most beloved spouse Demuzi to avoid the darkness forever, or better accept both sides of nature, darkness and light into the reality, to ultimately become a true devine being, as guiding star, eight-rays radiating power lifting her worshippers to these immortal and fertile mud planes.

    Polarities proove very relative.