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Reply To: Campbell and Oswald Spengler


Hello ,
Great topic !!!
Gotta love a
Star Spangled Spengler
“The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,
Hath had elsewhere its setting,
And cometh from afar:”
One Human’s East is
Another Human’s West
Sunrise Moonrise Earthrise
Be damned
It’s all just stuff
Moving through
Space & Time
The cycles of nature
Of seasons
Of vegetation
Hold sway no more
As metaphor as allegory
In the halls of History
The halls of Science
Logic and rational thought
Shall not succumb to poetic entendre
Intimidation intimation
But the Masses Shall
The great awaken shall come
The Exodus of intellect shall rise
From the Top of the unfinished pyramid
From the Burning Bush of Life
To provide the Way for Us
🎶We were born before the wind
Also younger than the Sun …🎶
We existed before the Big Bang
We shall “Be”after the Big Freeze …
Spengler achieved his Butterfly effect …
History is now much more engaging through
Sid Meier …

I can almost see a Coach With Six Insides … the unfinished pyramids of a tesseract … Dancing …following the trajectory of evolution … of Spengler … dropping its foot through space and time … a Cube falling from on high With the stamp of successive civilization each building on the ruins of the preceding civilization. Roots sucking the marrow reusing recycling the nutrients … to build the bricks of hierarchy …

In an infinite Universe
I am sure someone Once said …
I am a citizen of the the multiverse !!!
Perhaps a hundred hairless apes thought it … wrote it …
Or at the very least infinite monkeys typed it …

Remember way back
When we were One ???
Now ?
Now we communicate spookily at a distance …
Just two slices of π , spiraling away from the center through the dance of the double helix …
Two Arcs in the night … Wilson and Penzias
Crick-ey it’s elemental my dear Watson !!!
Jus a swim in da Deep Blue !!!
Y is the cry …
Of the tears
That Rusts the keyboard
Submerges the crystal diode
That resonates creation …
From a Diamond Lotus Sutra …
All hail
All Carbon Life Forms
Created under pressure …
Just follow the cleaving
Fracture line in the
Crystalline Matrix …
For Life , like Hope
Springs Eternal …
It has Risen
He has Risen …
Like a Blade of grass ^^^
A Pansy at my feet …
An Acorn …