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Reply To: Language as Metaphor?



much can be lost in translation especially where metaphor and myth meet . In John 1:1 “word” in the original Greek is Logos . There have been volumes written on the intended meaning and insights that are referred to. There are philosophical and metaphysical debates going on to this day that affect our contemporary understanding of the very nature of reality vs our Human perception of reality… I enjoy being a fly on the wall listening to these debates … With Greek language come Greek rational logical discourse and the foundation and bedrock of western thought and civilization. Hellenism Did carry its own Hell within its Coach as it traveled and spread with Alexander. The spread propagation of civilization Ó the linguistic poetic metaphors we use a Coach by land an Ark by sea . What things they contain inside !!! How many compartments??? Sub classification??? Oh the science of it , the naming and classifying of nature and reality …may we saluté with a quark from the punster Munster Mark !!!