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Reply To: Language as Metaphor?



You are opening up a wonderful can of worms (I mean that in the best possible way). If you don’t mind the nudge, rather than bury this post in an existing thread, perhaps you wouldn’t mind opening a brand new conversation on this topic (maybe something like The “Mythology” of Science). Frankly, if you leave out the shout-out to Mars, you might want to paste your comment above word-for-word as the opening post, along with the Feynman video.

I don’t believe we have a discussion devoted to science yet, but I can imagine people checking out COHO being drawn to the topic, whereas most might not know it’s here if they have to read the entire metaphor thread to get to this post (forgive me for thinking like an admin, which I am – the greater the variety of fascinating topics, the better for the forums as a whole).

If you wouldn’t mind, we could do that (to avoid duplication, might want to delete the comment and clip here, and just leave a message re-directing Mars to the new thread if he’s interested).