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Reply To: Language as Metaphor?


What people express in words to one another is not captured, nor displayed to the receiver’s inner truth the speaker’s or writer’s revelation conveyed. Words are only pointers. That is the illusion of words, also the metaphor of mirages lived. That is the mirage of The Tower of Babel symbol found in Genesis 11:1–9, and the origin myth meant to explain why the world’s peoples speak different languages, whether written, or placed upon a canvas, or spoken.

No one sees or feels the truth which culminate s as a written or spoken word, or painted image of experience through the eye of another.   The viewer, or reader, or hearers becomes selective in relativity points which are relative to their personalized comprehensive living and evaluation. The reader, viewer, and listener accept or reject, something they do, or do not relate to, thus, words have become the Father of lies, for they have deceptively caused people to accept or reject someone’s experience as their own. This is the illusion, the lie, the mirage, the metaphor men live by and as.