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Reply To: Chief Luther Standing Bear



Yes fond memories of youth are great ! Now that I’m older it’s lots of fun to imbue them with literary and mythic allusion . The “six year pigmy“ was a nod to Wordsworth’s Ode . I hope Lord and Rings is obvious. I do like Tolkien . The Circus and it’s three rings for me also triggers memories of reading I’ve done on the structure of Genesis week in the Bible . First three Days 1 2 3 three spheres (rings) are constructed . Second three days 4 5 6 corresponding inhabitants are created for those spheres . Water – fish , land – plants animals (middle earth) , air – birds … this correspondent structure is also found in the iChing two trigram stack … 1-4, 2-5 , 3-6 ….  Lots of fun for free associations and streams of consciousness … I do enjoy the way the pattern recognition capabilities of my mind works .

The Circus at the Gardens was nice but I think it lost some of the charm of the tent show . The ole Babylon vs the Tabernacle in the Tent dichotomy . Tabernacle vs Temple. Country vs City . Enkidu vs Gilgamesh . Esau vs Jacob . These mythic themes are eternal . The caravan of animals and pitching of the tent of civilization . It is now become mechanized automated . The Crazy Train !!  Give’em Bread and Circus !!! Maximus !!! The show must go on !!!

🎶”Life is a three ring Circus”🎶

🎶“So let the side show begin hurry hurry step right on in”🎶

tiś time for some Magic Blue R&B