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Reply To: The “Mythology” of Science


    Richard Feynman

    On scientific method -looking for a new law


    Compute consequences of guess to see if right
    Compare to nature, experiment, or experience, observation
    If it disagrees, it’s wrong
    Science does not prove what is possible or impossible only what is less likely or more likely
    I think from knowledge from world around me that it’s more likely that the reports of flying saucers are the result of the known irrational characteristics of terrestrial intelligence than the unknown rational efforts of extraterrestrial   intelligence.
    Try to guess the most likely explanation if it doesn’t work talk about other possibilities
    We can only prove something wrong , we can never prove it right.
    We can never be right only sure we are wrong
    You cannot prove a vague theory  wrong
    The problem with changing known laws is knowing what to replace them with and why


    The Spirit of Truth

    Now that’s some amber waves of grain !!!

    Admire her admire her. God shed his grace on thee !!

    Oops sorry I mean America !!

    That’s some American women !!!


    The time for being concerned about how the truth is packaged is over.

    What is important Now is that you understand the spirit of The Truth .




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    For me the laws of science and the laws of God correspond and are synonymous.

    “Know then thyself, presume not God to scan, The proper study of mankind is Man.”