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Reply To: The “Mythology” of Science


Hello everyone long time no see.. something like six  years.. wow.. since the old forums shut down.. I still have some posts from people and still remember many conversations which played a crucial role in forming my own philosophy of life…Some of your posts too Stephen and since this is one of my favorite subjects I thought to kick off my new entry to the forums with this conversation.

Now personally I dont like science being considered as a metaphor or mythology because I think its role and the role of the scientist in this cosmic creation must be clear and logical if life.. preferably human life can survive and do whatever it is destined to do. That being said I understand that when the mind hits that threshold, the edge between what is know and what is never to be discovered as Campbell would have it, then all things are possible. Imagination takes over and form doesnt matter, it can be religion, science, poetry, at that point everything makes sense because its not about the how.

In the old forums we had a similar conversation about science and myth and all that stuff. And I still remember something Clemsy said and oh boy it stuck with me, he said, “science can explain the how but it will never explain the why” that I believe is the big difference of myth and science. Now I dont remember the context in which he said it but I think it can be applied to this conversation.

Now ofcourse as Campbell would have it again we cant have a mythology because science breaks that “why” all the time. Nothing can be believed as a final word anymore, we have theories but we dont have mythology. I dont know.. what you think?

PS. glad to be here, hello to any of the old guys and gals if they are looking this conversation, Cindy, James, neoplato, jons, nandu, romansh, clemsy etc etc. Hope you are all well..