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Reply To: The “Mythology” of Science



    I guess for me to a certain extent science and myth are synonymous. It is the ancient myths and sciences that modern science comes from. Old scientific hypothesis’s and theories are discarded and told as myths. I love keeping up on modern science discovery technology and innovation. CRISP , CERN , ITER , SETI , the Human Genome and Connectome project , quantum , computing , communication , medicine , longevity , anthropology , archeology , etc. I’ve devoured most of the modern science communicators. Sagan , deGrasse Tyson , Kaku , Green , Hawking , and many others. Lots of fun.  Much of history point out how sure we thought we were in our knowledge and how wrong we actually really were. I see no reason for this trajectory to stop. In fact it seems to be exponentially increasing. What will our descendants think of us 1000 , 10000 years from now. Perhaps some future archeologist will uncover an Apple computer logo and all. Do an etymological symbolism search that will bring them back to mythic Eden the tree of knowledge , the beginning of written history then past that to prehistory and the Big Bang . Ex nihilo .
    would make a fun narrative. All hail science and the disruptive technology it produces that Falls from a Tree like a ripe fruit whose time has come in its season and time.