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Reply To: Exchanging thoughts on Patrick Solomon’s upcoming film: What is Money?””


    Robert; although there have been a lot of separate documentaries and books covering these authors this particular documentary done by News Journalist: Harry Smith; is exceptionally well done as it goes deeply into the personal backgrounds, inter-relationships and times in Paris that launched their careers. Few things I have seen have covered these people as comprehensively as Smith. The other documentary done by Perry covers Paris and the total overview of most of the various arts as seen from this perspective. Smith deals mainly with the writers exclusively and covers some things more in depth than Perry such as: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s drinking and the effect it had on his career and some of the other writers she was not able to cover. Perry ‘s work is more of an overview because the subject would have been too overwhelming to do more than she did. Smith’s approach was more specific and focused on the writers alone; and even that was a huge subject to tackle by itself.

    Not to diverge from the subject of “money” as the main focus of this topic; my aim with highlighting these writers and others from different periods was to show how what they saw and attempted to reveal was a window into human nature and how to better understand the human experience which Joseph’s work in mythology accomplishes far beyond the normal range most often employed by the academic community; (especially concerning the work of Carl Jung); along with the insights of many others from separate fields.