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Reply To: Why I Disagree with Joe Campbell


Hmm, I dont think Campbell or Jung were mystics. When I first start reading Campbell, he gave me that impression too because such is the nature of what they study. Myth and the unconscious is something elusive that still holds many secrets if you ask me. You can “science” them to oblivion but they will still remain elusive. We would all like to hang our hat and say… this is how the world works but unfortunately there is no such thing. And that goes for everyone whether you are religious or scientifically oriented.

Anyways, now about mysticism in general. I have mixed thoughts about it. Life seems to me like a mystical experience to begin with despite how we define and label ourselves. That being said it is kinda hard for me to accept the more traditional sense of mysticism, like someone who goes out and just meditates. On the other hand mysticism might just be what we are lacking in a rationalistic modern world that is without meaning and purpose because how else are you gonna approach and make sense of a chaotic and infinite universe. Certainly not with a rational mind, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

In a world were all the mythological structures have collapsed , Campbell and Jung seem to be exactly what the world needs. They really give you the tools to create your own mythology and live your life fully. I think that is all what they were trying to do. Its weird because they analyze myths and deconstruct them but they don’t exclude the mysterious aspect of life.

Anyways.. I’ll come back tomorrow for more, bit tired now.

And happy new year all!!