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Reply To: Why I Disagree with Joe Campbell


Hello James,

You wrote, “Disagreeing with Joseph is a difficult question for me since I have been so influenced by his ideas; (especially concerning with the unlocking of Carl Jung’s ideas as applied to my own life which is now forever changed);”

Quite well put James, disagreeing with even a particle from Joe seems impossible, especially in the area of myth. Times are changing, and as you quoted above, “We can’t have a new myth for a long time because things are changing too fast. So the individual has to find his own way”.

New issues, new challenges, not just the pandemic, are all around us. I think one great issue is the ‘rise of the billionaire class’ – a result of the success in cyberspace, and how can this billionaire class begin to share some of their wealth with the disenfranchised of our society. So, take for example, the issue of homelessness (James, it’s the topic you touched upon in another post)   —- What happens to the homeless who die, with no one to claim the body?. Much work is needed in this area, and perhaps a new myth? A myth of a billionaire class that lives alongside the homeless, the very hungry, and the disenfranchised?

In our times, we are so very advanced when it comes to finding ancient burial sites, and vast sums are spent on excavations, identification and cataloging the remains, but what happens to the homeless and the friendless who die on the streets, with not a soul to claim their remains?

“It is not only the homeless or unidentified whose bodies go unclaimed, it can also include people who have no living relatives and no estate plan in place. There are also situations where the next of kin will refuse responsibility for the body” (Source: Culture & Politics in Canada- By TalkDeath)

“In a city of three million people, nobody comes except for us who are paid to be here,” said Whissell, who became a priest nearly 30 years ago. “Society is like an apartment building. Everybody has got their little cubicle and they just go to work or do their thing and then just lock themselves away.” (Source: Global News Canada)

(Referring to the homeless) Sometimes they do find friends or family members, she said, “but they are not willing or are not in a position to take responsibility for disposition.” Quebec’s ministry of health and social services says that “financial reasons seem to be a factor” in some cases.

And sometimes a person just doesn’t seem to have any ties.  So what will be our new myth?