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Reply To: Why I Disagree with Joe Campbell


    Shaaheda; other than what I’ve already mentioned I really don’t feel qualified to speak “at length” on Indian Spirituality; and Nandu could probably speak to the issue of Homelessness in India much better than I can because it is on a whole other level than in the west. But both he and Stephen might be able to provide a better context in which this is integrated within Joseph’s themes and ideas.

    However; saying that whatever any new mythology that may evolve out of this situation we now find ourselves in he does talk a little bit about here in this particular clip from the Bill Moyer’s series: “The Power of Myth” and uses the God “Indra” as a metaphor for the personal myth people usually associate with his more familiar theme of: “Follow Your Bliss”.

    (This unfortunately is not a foundation authorized clip and may need to be removed at some point); but none the less it does in a way deal with this question of marrying Joseph’s approach of the functions a myth is suppose to serve and in some way points toward the future possibility of what a new mythical consciousness might address. But as both Stephen and Nandu mention Joseph was a man of his time and could not have foreseen a lot of the future developments that have taken place since he was alive.

    (In my humble opinion this would be an interesting take on marrying eastern and western approaches as Joseph illustates; and if nothing else you realize both sensibilities deal with long histories of varying relationships between God and Man and the development of consciousness as opposed to “subservience” to a deity.) The clip.