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Reply To: An Xmas Thread To Share



    Greetings and Joy to One and All. Merry Christmas !!!! The search for meaning , the mixing of metaphors symbols analogies allegories myths is lots of fun !!! The search through history. The deconstruction. The edits. The redactions. The homilies. Where to begin where to end the narrative is The Greatest Story Ever Told about our species Journey and Quest along with the journey and quest of life and Light itself. The still point of the solstice is a great mnemonic device giving to us as a Christmas present or an Easter egg in this simulation we call reality. Silent Night Holy Night must be experienced abstractly within the human mind. Round young Virgin. Contemplate your place in the universe. Return from this point of view renew recharged bringing tidings of peace and great joy to all sentient beings of Life. Look to the Christmas Tree and Christmas lights as metaphors of geometry green vegetation with multiple entendre… Create a poetic narrative or two … Silence is Golden, often words elicit unintended consequences. Be the Light. Write a poem with action and stillness …

    Merry Christmas to All. May peace be upon your Heart and Art this season. May you be a light in the darkness.

    Robert R Reister

    That’s a lovely symbolic pyramidal pinnacled evergreen conical conifer spiraling vortex Burning Bush of Life Light and mind you’ve created Stephen . All hail the fiery stratified hierarchies of intellects logic and reason represented in artistic expression and mythic synaptical musings !!! It does give One access to the core of human existence… May we lay our gifts at its base as fertilizer for future generations … On the family tree of Life. I think books are great gifts. Darwin’s Origins of the species, Sagan’s Cosmos, Campbell’s Hero with a thousand faces , Skeletons Key, etc etc etc … “To the reading of books there is no end”