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Reply To: An Xmas Thread To Share



    Yes the flow state of the Axis Mundis. The Tree an organic metaphor. Created by ??? The redundancy of the message grows out of every branch from root to bough in all of creation.  Nature’s first green is gold… the emerald verdant blade rises pierces eternal The Greenman . New growth sprouts builds on replaces the old. The solar cambium crucifixion is planted at the winter solstice to be raised at the vernal equinox. Personification of the seasons & ascent of humanity … God is dead , if you see the Buddha on the road slay … know it in your heart that life is eternal … Resurrection is only a motion away … for the Sol Invictus … For there is a Life and a Light that is perceivable in the mind that is a priori to the Big Bang !!! The syncretism between Odin hung on the Tree Yggdrasil and Christ hung on the Tree Cross is not lost to history or scholars . Ash Oak Pine Cedar Cypress Citrus Fruit et al all have their place in the Orchard of the imagination. All are sown propagated grafted fostered by minds of goodwill. Let them see and be the gardener in the garden. For we are the gardener we are the garden we are the Trees we are the woodsman we are the carpenter we are the slayer we are the slain we are the God we are the crucifier we are the crucified . The allegories the myths are all us and reflections of us in our multitude of masks 🎭 of good and evil in the drama and journey of the narrative of Life. We are wayfarers sojourners here for but one season. A Leaf on the Tree. Strangers In A Strange Land … Who is the Queen that illuminates the tree from within? Births the light on the Bough? But all this is trivial words … Be the Light !!! While still … dreaming of a white Christmas … 🎶May your days be merry and bright🎶 May the pure white milk from Hera’s bosom illuminate the Peacock’s tale of the Milky Way from where all is seen a focal point displaying Starry Starry Night. A background to the mating ritual of the Hierogamy.

    I do enjoy the Eddy. Comparison rune to word Logos. In the beginning was the alphabet. In the beginning was the Word !!!