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Reply To: An Xmas Thread To Share


Season’s Greetings to you also James, and to Everyone here! James, thank you for sharing with us one of the most amazing times of “peace on earth” with us, when during WWI the war was put aside for the sake of peace among humankind. It is such a meaningful story and song and lovely at that. One thing that always meant so much to me throughout my life is the Charlie Brown Christmas. I will try to post a You Tube video or something from that here in the responses.

James, what I thought of while watching your video was also all the people away from their family and friends this season over the holidays for whatever reason–being in the armed forces, being stationed overseas, being in a nursing home and faced with isolation as a result, people in quarantine, people doing social distancing…it seemed to me that your video was so timely also in the theme of isolation and it is so good to see the message of peace on earth and good will towards men/women/human/all living things–may we also extend our love towards all nature and all animal natural life. May we feel peace and love for all things on this earth, and feel peace for and within the cosmos.

Merry Christmas, Winter Solstice, Yule, Hanukah, Kwanza, and New Year~ Wishing all a year of health and happiness.

I tried linking the you Tube video below by the title but it did not work–you can copy and paste into search bar if you want to see/hear it.

Vince Guaraldi Trio “Christmas Time Is Here” (vocal version from A Charlie Brown Christmas)