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Reply To: An Xmas Thread To Share


Thank you, Robert (R superscript 3!) Your poetic associations/word play/poetry offers insights I always enjoy–a different dimensional take on things–Like 3-D R3, or R3 in 3-D


Back at you, Robert: Merry Christmas  Happy Hanukkah   Happy New Year   Celebratory Solstice   Joyful Convergence


and yes, I do hope to catch drops of Jupiter in my hair this convergence and Yule-New Year! 🙂   You might already know that is one of my fave feel-good songs–!!!!!!!

and now I am thinking about how these lyrics correlate to the Inner Reaches of Outer Space by Campbell—“as you are looking for yourself out there,” he sings…

and great as “heaven” is/sounds/is imagined, there is a heaven right here on earth for sure! 🙂  there is heaven in a good friend, a soy latte, in the snowflakes falling, and in the ice to go skating on; there is heaven in the champagne on new year’s and in the wine on Christmas Eve or Day or sparkling apple or pear juice… There is heaven in understanding here on earth between people, in the eyes and hearts of our loved ones, there is heaven in our animal friends and tree and flower friends, in our flora and fauna friends, and heaven in our myths even when they are about hell—!

for whoever wants to hear it, here is the cut and paste link to the song you probably know:

Train–Drops of Jupiter (Official Video):