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Reply To: An Xmas Thread To Share


Seems posting any links currently requires moderator authorization, so the appearance of some posts might be delayed until I get to them.

What we would really appreciate, though, are links that don’t take forum readers away from COHO, but open in a new window. So, for example, if sharing a link to an NPR story on Jung’s Red Book, instead of simply posting the URL, as follows

“Check our this NPR story here   ”

We would prefer instead that you highlight the words you want to link, then click on the link icon in the menu bar at the top of the post you are composing (looks like a paper clip on the diagonal), enter the URL in the field that opens, click on the gear icon at the right of the field, and check the box that says “Open in a new tab” – so the result looks like so:

Check out this NPR story

Please note the difference. Clicking on the first link – the raw internet address – takes readers away from COHO; they have to navigate back by clicking on the back arrow to return. But clicking on the second link opens up a new window without taking users away from COHO: readers can close the second window when through, or use that as a point of departure to visit other sites, without losing the forums.

The only time one should be copying and pasting an address directly into one’s post is if including a YouTube clip, as that will ensure the video clip plays on this this page.

Thank you in advance for following that format.