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Reply To: Winter Solstice Celebrations



    Happy Holidays!!!
    Just imagine all the solstices on all the exoplanets in all of creation . Where life evolves to the level of abstract thought and symbolism I would think there would be ways to honor the seasons and the ebb and flow of life they nurture. There were solstices and suns that happened in systems long before our solar systems. These suns lived and died before ours. Their death created the elements we are comprised of. Our sun is a sun coagulated resurrected from their death. The cosmic and solar cycles continue. May our abstractions and symbols be a light that shines as a force in a creative universe. May we grow in knowledge and wisdom. May this growth be a legacy we leave as a gift to future generations for peace prosperity and health. All hail the Spirit of incarnate Life that all of creation participates in … and the mythic metaphoric flame that burns in all …

    I bet if we could take one of those ancient tribesmen to the ISS, let them watch an Earth rise or two , explained to them the heliocentric solar system , show them a telescope , they would get it !!! The truth and awe of it all !!!

    Merry Yule !!!
    Merry Christmas !!!