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Reply To: wounded king and Trumpism


    I appreciate the reply. I was very aware of the thin ice my question treads across re guidelines, but I have honestly sought to understand cult followings as a cultural phenomenon.

    I suspect that all cult behavior has a deeper unconscious origin and operation than most cult members can imagine.

    Minos was scheduled for ritual regicide, if I remember correctly, and he managed to substitute the prize white bull, and boy did he pay for that bit of trickery.

    If Anfortas was a king indeed, had he not a following?

    My reading of this myth leads me to think of the wounded king as any leader that is seen by his followers to suffer in their name. How about Jesus, or any other of the religious teacher/leaders that were crucified etc.

    Philip K. Dick, in his stories, invented a cult whose mythic leader was pictured as a sufferer trudging uphill through a hail of stones, arrows, and spears.

    Does not Trump remind his followers repeatedly how he suffers mistreatment at the hands of everyone against him?

    (I would rather not have heard about Campbell’s letter to Nixon. I do not think him as a political writer at all.)

    His editing and publishing of Portable Jung knocked me back on my heels, and I have been trying to assimilate Jung ever since.