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Reply To: wounded king and Trumpism


    I really appreciate considered replies.  Not a lot of people have the patience to discuss this stuff.

    So a willing victim of a ritual regicide would be submitting much as a sacrificial child under an Aztec knife.

    You seem to indicate that ego development ushered in this new view, yet ego development through history seems to only be a ladder climb by one gender.

    Amfortas could not help but be king, just like my tomcat, George.

    I have some Campbell lectures that I listen to over and over.  Keeping up with him in thought is not easy but is fun.

    Here is a diagram I found.  Maybe it shows us that unconscious currents, in which we are all shipwrecked sailors of some sort, get swept along and maybe swept away, depending of the worthiness of each Queequeg coffin.