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Reply To: wounded king and Trumpism


    Amfortas, the fisher king, the maimed king, unable to bring the land back to fruitfullness, a masculine genderisation in contrast to the femenine earth which brings forth life and nourishment. The saviour involved, Parceval (righly identified by JC as ‘par ce val’ – through the middle – the straight way through the valley not to be temped by impressive mountains (aka shouting, swearing, lying and twisted braggarts) but instead aiming at a unspoiled straightforward trueness) is the only one who must learn to overcome subjection of habit, cast, indoctrination and the lot, to act and decide on one own grounds, responsible, responsive, supportive and in concord with the world around. This very story is not about Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere and the rest around the table, the arthurian pantheon, but the hero in who we can reflect ourself. This is the profane (and way older) version rendered into a reinterpreted mashup of occidental and oriental sacral traditions of much later time.

    The victims of aztec rituals were captives of war. It can be assumed there were not eager to contribute in this fashion the aztec sun cult.

    It is very difficult to read the blue part. It is to romantic and way to simplified to my taste.