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Reply To: Understanding Campbell



    It seems to me that nature , long in tooth red in claw , eat or be eaten , motifs “feed” directly into the neurolinguistic programming and contemplation of the Eucharist ritual … We do tend to cannibalize our past intellectual property. Use it to built a better future and evolve the body of humanity.  “Welcome to the jungle” !!! All hail the alimentary canal of the Serpent the Worm the Ouroboros !!! The Ensō !!! Human abstractions rituals and symbolism are great food for thought …

    Our institutions are Moloch they require that we feed them our children as sacrificial offerings. All we can do is “Howl for Carl Solomon” !!! As we comply … Tis the nature of the beast !!! To Munch !!!

    Of course this tact takes a Judeo-Christian bias. We could throw it all in the cauldron of the fates and sea what cooks up …