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Reply To: The American Dream?


    Good topic to be started (by jufa, thanks, good link in profile): JC being an american scholar interpreting myth of miriad times, it is (to refer to his example) just a bulb of many lighting the auditorium, this very platform of many. So, to distinguish interpretation from generalisms, the question in this topic boils down to:

    What is ‘The American Dream’?

    Castouts of Europe, slavery, wild west, individuality, materialism, singlesideness, responsibleness, egoism. Left over for the slightly (cough) less priviliged: religion, hope, poverty, death. A dollar with two sides, one paying, the other purchasing. Money as is debt. An infinite world as a promise for all on a finite world. Sure. Something to believe in. Come in peace and shoot to kill. Exploit. The world, the universe is expecting us. We live forever. Our is ours. Humans are gods, emporers of the creation. Hail hail hail sings the angry crowd, robbed of their assumed rightfull privileges. aMErica first. The everlasting dream.

    Just crap.

    Its not a myth, its a fairy tale. It’s not a belief, its promise everyone can achieve. Heritage, plain luck or stubborness might give you a free ride, but you’re the exemption, not the rule. It is this very exemption, this oddity, to where the people wish to burn their candles for, to worship, to die for. To burn all which does not comply. The rule of the Mule. That immortal dream.

    This fine fusion of facts, fiction, belief, religion, and myth. Everyone can cope with it, everyone is capable of direction this into ones own perfect life and realisation. And when the eyes are closed finally, one is assured of a blessfull everlasting other immortal dream.

    Just crap. (Sorry folks.)

    Of all things, myth has (almost) nothing to do with rationality. Dreams are expressions of the subconsious and better stay there. If lifted to our daily reality, war, havoc, wrath and all tender human characterisations, our ‘gods’, emerge to take over. Kneeling and submitting, or raising and facing. Choises.