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Reply To: The American Dream?


    This mind journey of conquering the mountaintop of intellectualism begins afar or near. It begins at the fringe of the mountain for some, and at the foot of the mountain, or on the mountain itself for others.  All are vagabonds in pursuit of the mountain’s peak. And no matter what any individual has accumulated and crowded in the storehouse of their souls there is no rest to be found within their house, only rays of light breaking through small openings.

    The accumulation of inherited knowledge, human wisdom, and they say information, as all their material toys of matter and self-righteous superior egos,  people will come to find, will disappear just as those things did of the wandering vagabonds who came before them so room for the next recruits of temporary vagabonds, who as them will follow the patterns of relativism.

    Eventually all men will come to comprehend every portion of their journeys have been no different in principles nor patterns than any one else’s. In some moment of recognition of the principles and patterns. some will come to understand the routes taken by them have been the same grueling experiences all have taken at some point of their living. Some routes more painful, some more pleasurable, some with, some without.  Some will come to understand they are no better or worse than anyone else, for the principles of achieving the peak epiphany, the American Dream, the Holy Grail they believe will move them beyond their thoughts is there for all to reach, touch, hold, and claim ownership of. Life is opened to everyone equally regardless of the appearance. The use of the principles and patterns is activated according to the advancement of how high one is willing to go to experience the ultimate suffering unto death the physical climb from animalism require for ascending the roads the mountain provides for ascension into the Spirit substance and essence of the climbers.