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Reply To: “Music From a Painted Cave” (Robert Mirabal) and The Sacred Dance


That’s awesome! Traveled out west back in ‘98 with my family. Didn’t visit Taos, but climbed down into the ruins of Mesa Verde on a tour.
Mind blowing, especially climbing back up the vertical ladders on the cliff and seeing the hand indentations where the people climbed without ladders at all! But a friend of mine did visit Taos and met Robert’s dance teacher.:-) I met Robert in Asheville…had a nice experience in addition to the show…had choreographed a “modern” tap dance in moccasins to Robert’s “Little Indians.” In Asheville Robert was at the Kituwah before the show and was able to give him my video. And when we walked back to our car, his wife said he was in the trailer watching it.

I didn’t think about that during the show but afterwards yelled great show Robert and he came up to me…one arm bear grab and said “you’re a good tap dancer.” More than the compliment appreciated being able to share the joy of the music. 🙂 those kind of connections can be rare. But am thankful.

Definitely will check out the discussion on Jean Erdman…

Not until I read the little yellow book with compilations of JC quotes did I realize…my God his wife is a dancer and danced with Martha Graham!

I was lucky in younger years to take a few “Graham” classes at Alvin Ailey.

Though tap is my main forte…

Have training in ballet, modern and jazz as well and love free form.

And was in a regional ballet company.

As for the moniker…I’m guessing it had “hobbit” in it.

Think I went on an Entishly long roll about Joe Campbell meeting Tolkien and how Tolkien’s works were completely up that alley and it seemed a shame they were not mentioned.

And someone responded about it would be cool to imagine the two sitting down together…Tolkien with his pipe…and maybe conversing over tea and coffee.
Though it occurs to me that Campbell rebelled against his strict Catholic up-bringing and Tolkien because of being orphaned from his Mum (a storyteller too) was taken in by a Priest who raised him and Tolkien’s Mum recent conversion to Catholicism would make sense why the son who loved her would stay with that and the love for the father figure of the Priest…

(Tolkien’s own life story could also fit into Courtly romance of Campbell as he and his love were warned away from each other—That whole romance inspired the mythic history and genealogy of his stories talk about personal Myth!) but that’s a different topic.

Even though interestingly Tolkien did not want any blatant religious themes in his works…so those other mythic themes from Celtic to Finnish and Greek are there.

Will enjoy reading posts on Jean Erdman! Thank you!