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    Movingalways, and Stephen  Gerringer, thank you for responding sincerely.  I asked myself what can be proved, or validated in individual or collective minds of mankind concerning what has been the experience of awareness?  Individual experiences sought to be proved or validated are only relative to individual experience and knowledge.  In time, there has always been the Wise men who took people one step closer to the awakening Word.  But cognitive validation of what these Wise men have projected to other minds cannot be authenticated by human knowledge, mediums, tarot cards, numerology, psychology, denominational and non-denominational churches, cults, myth, or any material law which have not reached beyond the mind into the invisible where all creation originate.  This does not leave out the faith healers, shamans, gurus, priests, and scholars of theology, nor those who claim to be privileged to God.  When it comes down to the reality of awakening, there is no one who can speak about their revelation with understanding except the revelator.  There is no one who can message understandable details of their relation except the revelator.   It is a mistake for those who have feet of iron and part clay to believe Christ’s, or  Buddha’s transcendental revelation, or message cannot be conceived by the human mind.

    In stepping forward, when Spirit enters into this parenthesis of flesh, It must find an authority the conceived can believe in when it is awakened to flesh senses.  Once this entering Spirit occupies an entity of flesh, it awoke to the illusion of time, space, distance and three dimensional matter which clothed the entity with dual mindsets.  Once the conceived acknowledge these dual traits,  it becomes covered with the spirits of the earth, and will need the guidance of Christ to find justice and mercy in the forest of human thoughts to keep it on the straight and narrow path so its feet, and mentality does not morph into iron and clay, and its consciousness does not become partial, and its mind possessive of things which does not belong to it.  This is why men are told “in all thy ways, acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths…leave the stump of the roots in the earth.”

    Should any individual acknowledge these event heretofore mentioned to be a true, this begs the question where, and who, and what, when, and why would one keep believing entering into the darkness of condensation, where limitation placed them in the snake pit of the illusion of hell, can be found outside of themselves?